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We simplify systems and improves technical information (LCI) for clients in all industries.

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What do we do?

Are you unsure of which computer systems that suits your process of work? Or are you looking for a way to utilize all possibilities in todays system? Draga specializes in digitalization, complex engineeringsytems and information management in the oil- and gas-industry. Our line of work balances between IT- and engineering.

The most important phase in digitalization evolves around getting full advantage of integrated data-systems, and our expertise lies in how we can use these data-systems in the most efficient way possible. We offer user manual, qualitycontrol, 3D-modelling, “as-built” documents and systems updates. Draga practices tight follow-up on our clients, where we e.g can assist with validating of projects regarding mainteanance, “as-built”-updates and information management(IM), as well as general support. To secure a successful digitalization initiative, the quality of data is essential. Dragas automated qualitycheck will help you get control over the quality I real-time, by discover errors in an early stage of the project, which again means lowering project-cost.

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