Our goal is to implement a more efficent way for industries to handle their digital resources, and that this is done in a cost-efficent way. Our engineers are highly competent, with long experience from our field of work.

Why choose us?

A huge amount of todays businesses operates with ineffective and complicated informationsystems. Our goal is to make sure that we facilitate for all industries to increase their return on investment by identify and implement the right solutions, for handling digital resources. Choose us to take care of your technical information, and you will have more time to focus and what really matters.

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We can do:

Technical Drawing
Technical DrawingLES MER
Data Mining
Data MiningLES MER
ManagementLES MER
ConsultingLES MER
Data validering
Data valideringLES MER
WorkingprocessesLES MER

Technical Drawing

We update and develop technical drawings for all industries.

Data Mining

We pick out information from sets of data and transform it into understandable structure for further use. The process is carried out with the help of machine learning. Some of our clients use this service to transfer information from paper to database.


Vi manage all kinds of technical information and engineering systems.
Here are some of our clients which have used this service: Aveva(PDMS, Intergrap (SmartPlant), Autodesk (AutoCAD), Bentley (Microstation), Norconsult (Peanuts), SIEMENS (Cosmos).


To choose the right solutions for different systems can be a challenge for all businesses. Draga is an independent service provider, and can assist as a active and experienced contributor in the process of choosing intelligent systems, or perhaps help you take full advantage of current systems. We analyze work-instructions and processes to find solutions which are optimal for your business. Many digitalization-initiative involves implementing of several software updates, combined with legacy software systems also has to be tied together. Every data-handling system demands a seamless integration of these types of software. Draga offers interface controlling and integrations across different software systems.

Data validation

We verify deliverances of data and documents according to specified demands.


We know very well that information systems also is about cooperation between several working units. With our experience and competence can we contribute to define a innovative and effective work process for your business.

Lifetime Cycle Information Management (LCI)

Our key competence lies within Life Cycle Information Mananagement (LCI). Before, there was more room to handle technical information in a company through various documentcentres and documentcontroll. Technical information is a comprehensive term, but can be exemplified by drawings, documents, analyzes, databases and so forth, inside a company.

The development in technology has made sure that companies at this stage of time are more reliant on competence within LCI, for safeguarding of its digital resources and information. If you handle LCI in a satisfying way in projects, you will simplify systems og further more optimize the protection of technical information.

We are confident to say that our solutions and handling of LCI culminates in a much more efficent way to solve tasks of high complexity, compared to traditional ways of doing it. In addition to this, it also reflects in higher return on investment for our clients.