Text: Data drives success.

Poor data quality makes it impossible to streamline or digitize your business effectively. According to Gartner, 40% of businesses are failing to achieve their objectives due to missing, incomplete or inaccurate data. To do its job data has to be accurate, analysed and fully understood. Luckily, that’s our job.

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For an operation to flourish you need digitized, streamlined data.

This is what we do

Data is the glue that gives every operation efficiency. Like a building, the design and materials can be functional and durable, but if it’s not engineered by an expert, it will collapse. The bigger the operation the greater the risk from bad data.

As data specialists we’re sometimes hired when a large project falls apart, or when a contract hasn’t delivered optimal operational efficiency. Even under extreme pressure, we will find the solution right there in your data. (Though you can always hire us first and get it right from the start!)

When we look at data, we don’t just see piles of analogue content that needs digitising, or a bunch of unconnected facts. We see patterns, pathways, challenges, and priorities. We know well that poor data delivers business inefficiency, increases risk, and limits agility. And we know how to counter this – using our years of expertise and insight to build the foundations and frameworks that will ensure your operation flourishes.

Our services
These are our services

We’ve got standards. High ones. To digitize effectively, data needs to be consolidated to the very highest industry benchmarks – and we have successfully optimised DEXPI to allow us to do just that. We don’t just digitize data, we migrate it, we convert P&IDs, we automate, we index documents, we validate. And we create flawless digital twin content.

We’re here for you. And we’re here for the long haul (if you want us) – with the engineers and the specialists you need to optimize every stage of each operation cycle. Including: day-to-day operations, project validation, application management and user support, as built/redline services, user training, content creation and information management. Anything you need to get your data in good order then ensure it stays that way. It’s a strategic service, identifying and making the most of every opportunity.

We’re good to go. Whether you need experts to assess the scope of your project then facilitate it, or you need support on a specific area – such as data warehouse configuration, engineering applications, validation and handover to operations, life cycle information and data management. No matter who you partner with, when it comes to talking tech and engaging with engineering systems, we know how.

We’re going in deep. Not all systems and software are created equal, so we’ll thoroughly analyze yours – looking at specifications, workflows and tools – then we’ll shape and implement the best information systems for your organisation. When we look closely, we don’t just see the mechanics – or a mass of digital tools. Instead, we see opportunities to communicate, co-operate and define the best ways of working together.

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Less can be more

Processing, evaluating, and digitizing data requires time and expertise. And, while we often put together large teams to tackle complex projects, it’s experience that counts, not just numbers.

We speak blueprint

It’s no good looking at a blueprint and just seeing geometry. You need experts to understand what goes where, how it all works and which aspects are more important than others. That’s our speciality.

All data isn't equal

For data to be intelligent it needs to be understood. When we look at data, we see opportunities. And we share that understanding to inform your business, to plan and make better decisions, today and tomorrow.