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Simplify your workflow and begin the journey to true digital transformation. With Draga’s help, you’ll be able to make better decisions quicker.

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Replace information silos with knowledge hubs.

What we do

Large scale projects contain millions of data points that are handled by different producers, suppliers and maintenance teams. We help you replace today’s disconnected, siloed and manual systems with a self-thinking system where up-to-date information is always accessible for anyone who needs it. This system of total knowledge helps you plan ahead, save costs and time, and run your operations more efficiently.

Our services
Key services

Content management

Ensure your information is continuously correct, up to date, and easily accessible. Achieve your goals by properly handling your data.

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Conversion / migration

True digital transformation begins by consolidating information into a single source. Watch your operations flow smoother through the DEXPI standard.

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Operational assistance

Our teams of engineers and application specialists help you in the long term, securing high quality data throughout the operational life cycle.

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Who we are

We were engineers first, working hands-on with complex projects for some of the most professional oil and gas companies in the business. Now we challenge the industry to move into true digital transformation. With one foot in engineering and the other in transformative IT, we offer a unique perspective. With our 20 years of experience, we understand the facts behind the data, we understand how to implement new ideas in large scale operations, and we understand the importance of high quality data. Let us help your business think.

About Draga
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