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Distinctive competencies create value

The combination of engineering and IT expertise enables Draga to extract and convert legacy data and documentation, so they fit into modern digital twins.

In Draga you will find engineers from all engineering disciplines who are specialists in intelligent engineering systems.
– We help to streamline tasks, reduce operating costs, improve the quality of information, and add value to our customer’s digital assets, says Kent Andersen, CEO of Draga.
– Data comes from many sources, from old databases, CAD files, to documentation in paper format. Today, digital solutions create new opportunities and efficiency, he emphasizes.

Since Andersen established Draga in 2015, there has been formidable growth. From two persons, two laptops and a borrowed desk – to two offices in Norway and an office in Thailand.
– The success lies in the combination of cutting-edge expertise in engineering systems and engineering, as well as our broad background from operating environments in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. We understand what the customer is talking about and understand the customer’s needs. Our customers are owner operating companies all over the world, Andersen says.

A market in change

Andersen refers to a before and after example. Previously, the daily maintenance of an offshore oilrig was performed by professionals who knew all the details of “their rig”. The documentation was in user manuals or old-fashioned electronic archives. Today, a specialized maintenance team go from rig to rig and need digital tools to quickly find parts that need to be maintained or replaced.
– After a twin conversion, you can easily navigate your asset in 3D on a tablet, locate the maintenance item and quickly jump to the equipment register to find all relevant information. It is all about user-friendliness, efficiency, and safety, says Andersen.

Business on four legs

Draga works according to the DEXPI standard for digitization and can automatically convert between all CAD systems in the industry. In addition to digital transformation into intelligent systems, Draga’s core business is operational services, consulting, and project support. Our services department is taking care of operating and updating the operators’ digital solutions on a day-to-day basis.
– We often enter into long-term service agreements that ensure that we are available to the customer. It saves the customer’s internal use of resources while ensuring the availability of top-notch competence. We also participate in greenfield projects for the customer’s project departments, Andersen concludes.

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