This is how we do it

If you’re not fully digital you’re stuck in the past – you’re haemorrhaging money and wasting time. In Scandinavia, we’ve been digitizing since the mid-1980s, so we know first-hand how important data quality is to success. And exactly how to get yours right.

We start by classifying your business digital maturity – using levels 1-5. If you’re a level 1, everything’s on paper, and we’re starting from scratch. If you’re a level 5, we’ll be looking forensically at the quality of your data to find and correct any inefficiencies and exploit every new opportunity we can find. That way when you install new software or implement new systems they’ll work to their full potential from the start.

Use data intelligence to transform your business.

This is why to choose us

We’re specialists in digital transformation, looking beyond IT and digital tools at the bigger picture, to open opportunities across your entire organisation.
We take decentralized, siloed information and bring it together, making large-scale, complex operations streamlined, efficient and cost effective to run.
We create systems that are thorough, organised, intelligent and easily accessible for anybody that needs them.
We help your business think bigger, plan better, run smoother and save money. It’s as simple as that.

Digital twins are only as good as their data.

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These are our services

We classify our services into four key areas (Digitalization, Operational Support, Project Support and Consulting). But in reality, we can support your business on all things technical. The first step to digitizing data is conversion and migration of information, consolidating it into a single source. As we progress, we can also look after your content management – ensuring data is always up to date, complete and easy to access.

We’ll work in consultation with your teams to find the best software and tools to enhance your efficiency. Our engineers and application specialists can give you tailored operational assistance, short or long term. We can manage all data, from multiple providers, throughout the operational life cycle, ensuring data validation according to the latest regulations. We’ll help streamline your work processes, identify the best digital tools and ways of working together – we even offer technical drawing. So, you will always get the most from us, your teams and, of course, your data.