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Plan better, operate smoother, and make better decisions. True digital transformation is more than IT and digital tools – it involves your whole organisation. Tools, mindsets and workflows as they exist today are geared towards manual implementation and decentralized information. Data is siloed and spread out, millions of data points on parts, materials, storage and maintenance are handled by different producers, suppliers and maintenance teams. All this makes large scale operations inefficient and expensive.

We help you replace today’s disconnected, siloed and manual systems with a self-thinking system where up-to-date information is always accessible for anyone who needs it. This system of total knowledge helps you plan ahead, save costs and time, and run your operations more efficiently. Let us help your business think.

Digital twins are only as good as the information they contain.

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Ensure your information is continuously correct, up to date, and easily accessible. Achieve your goals by properly handling your data.

True digital transformation begins by consolidating information into a single source. Watch your operations flow smoother through the DEXPI standard.

Our teams of engineers and application specialists help you in the long term, securing high quality data throughout the operational life cycle.

We provide technical drawings and update existing ones in all industries.

Our service team manages all types of technical information and engineering systems from a range of providers.

We help you handle your information and digital assets throughout the operational life cycle. Our expertise and industry knowledge means you’ll be able to handle complex tasks much more efficiently, at a lower cost, and with increased profits.

Choosing the right system solutions is an important decision. Let us help analyse your workflows and tools, assist in choosing the optimal software, and implement in your organisation.

We verify data and document delivery according to current regulations.

Information systems are not just about digital tools, but about communication and cooperations between work units. Let us help you define new, better ways of working together.