This is who we are

We are Draga. Founded in 2015 by three senior data and IT specialists from the oil and gas industry our ambition is to transform the sector and streamline the way it works. Our team consists of the highly skilled data engineers and experts in process, electrical, automation, instrumentation and IT every business needs.
We believe you can only deliver change from a forward-looking environment – so we’re pro-transparency, pro-diversity and pro-being a great place to work. (And very proud of our ‘think big’ award for diversity and inclusion.)

Let us help your business think.

This is who we work with

Any global company that relies on their data to make high-stakes decisions can streamline their operations with us. No project is too large or too complex, no data too disorganised for our teams. There’s no such thing as a typical project, but they are all complex, often large scale and vital to the success, safety, and efficiency of the business. Our backgrounds mean we frequently work in oil, gas, chemicals, and mining. But our reach is greater than that. To find out more, get in touch.

Certifications and credentials
  • NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate No: 1807)
  • EPIM JQS Registered supplier, referencing:
    • IOGP 510 Operating management system framework
    • IOGP 423-01 Contractor HSE capability assessment and scoring system

This is us
Photo: Portrait of Ken Lie-Haugen.

Ken Lie-Haugen (CEO)

Our steering hand – on a mission to keep us all on track.

Photo: Portrait of Tonia Pedersen.

Tonia Pedersen (CIO)

Our data magician – no project is too complex.

Photo: Portrait of Kent Andersen.

Kent Andersen (CTO)

Our nutty professor – always innovating to solve problems.