Who we are

We were engineers first, working hands-on with complex projects for some of the largest oil and gas companies in the business. We formed Draga because we’ve experienced first hand how less than ideal handling of data can slow operations down, lead to analysis paralysis and poorly informed decisions.

Now we challenge the industry to move into true digital transformation. With one foot in engineering and the other in transformative IT, we offer a unique perspective. With our 20 years of experience, we understand the facts behind the data, we understand how to implement new ideas and methods in large scale operations, and we understand how vital it is to maintain high quality data.

Let us help your business think.

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Certifications and credentials
  • NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate No: 1807)
  • EPIM JQS Registered supplier, referencing:
    • IOGP 510 Operating management system framework
    • IOGP 423-01 Contractor HSE capability assessment and scoring system
Our clients

Our clients are global owner operating companies that rely on data to make high stakes decisions. We are asked to help on complex, large-scale operations where the quality and integrity of information is vital to the success, safety and efficiency of the project in question. Oil and gas, chemical and mining are some of the industries we work with. References are available on request.

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The management team
Photo: Portrait of Ken Lie-Haugen.

Ken Lie-Haugen (CEO)

Structured Manager with a mission to keep the rest of us on track.

Photo: Portrait of Tonia Pedersen.

Tonia Pedersen (CIO)

Strong Leader in Information Management, a data magician with long experience in implementing complex solutions in enterprise organizations.

Photo: Portrait of Kent Andersen.

Kent Andersen (CTO)

Technical Advisor and “Nutty Professor” coming up with innovative ways of solving everyday problems.