We are specialists in digitalizing documents. From documents we extract all content, structure the information, and create links between equipment and documents.
The documents can be old age and consist of books, manuals, old drawings, and papers, stored in physical folders. Our job is to upgrade and involve digitalizing all existing documents.

All the documents must be checked and scanned and then made searchable using OCR (optical character recognition). Digital folders are created to reflect the actual contents of the physical folders. The scanned documents are loaded into the digital folders. Once the documents in the folders have been digitalized, they are checked again to ensure that the digital folders are completely identical to the physical folders. The documents are then OCR scanned and the computer extracts the contents of the scanned documents.

Documents and content will be structured and loaded back to the customer’s data warehouse with new links between equipment and documents!
Digitalizing physical documents and structuring the content makes the relevant information easy to find and promotes modernization and efficiency.
“It is easier with a keystroke than to search through endless physical documentation.”