Draga won TENK STORT PRISEN in Sandefjord!

We are proud to announce that we are the winners of TENK STORT PRISEN (think big prize) this year! This year it was all about diversity and inclusion. Draga was nominated as one of five finalists together with MatBørsen, NEWUse – Sandefjord, Café Vintage, and Admikit, all great finalists.

Draga won the prize because we have diversity naturally integrated into our business. It is not a big deal if you are an alone dad from Syria with engineering competence, or your name is Per and come from Sunnmøre and speak Norwegian, as long as you have the competence we need. “This is the way an IT and engineering in the oil business speak, this is the way Draga speak “

The jury emphasizes that the company contributes to a community that sticks together with colorfulness, kindness, warmth, and safety. Draga creates jobs and contributes to tax revenues. The business also has educated responsibility in the society. We contribute to helping people struggling with finding a job and giving them an opportunity. And we don’t do a big deal about it, because they contain the competence we need. The jury said that a business like Draga creates a work culture on a high level. We are pro-diversity and can speak about any topics at work, for example, immigrant issues, cultural differences, and sexual orientations. The jury highlighted the fact that Draga had taken a step ahead and given the employees increased competence in diversity by “Rosa kompetanse arbeidsliv” (pink competence work life)

Draga shows the diversity and a good attitude in the society.

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Social Media Manager Anita Lie-Haugen.

Lie-Haugen is social media manager at Draga AS. Anita is an expert on social media platforms. Anita is honest, and wants to do things proper.

Social media manager Anita Lie-Haugen