Good quotes and encouragement for more women in tech

Despite decades of progress toward workplace equality, women remain underrepresented in the technology workforce. Only 35% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students in the UK are women (STEM Women). According to NITO only 26 percent of all employed engineers and technologists in Norway are women. So, women have to:

“Recognize and embrace your uniqueness. Being a Black woman, being a woman in general, on a team of all men, means that you are going to have a unique voice. It’s important to embrace that.” – quotes Erin Teague (director of Product Management, YouTube).

Quotes for equality

The face recognition function on smartphones works best on men because they are developed by men. – Karen Spärck Jones (pioneering British computer scientist) says “I think it’s very important to get more women into computing. My quote “Computing is too important to be left to men.”. If women had been included in the process it would probably worked equally. So, men and women should work together in the development of new technology. Women’s perspectives are needed to create optimal solutions for NHO.

Quotes from organizations

We are tech women was founded in 2015. They want to help women working in tech to maximize their potential. Their quotes are “We believe that the ordinary female technologists working below senior management level need a platform to shine”. Aimeè Williams from We are tech women quotes: “I would advise women to share what they want to achieve. It’s surprising how many people will support and help them get there” They have also created a reward – TechWomen100. The award highlights up-and-coming inspirational female tech talent and helps create a new generation of female role models for the industry.

Several organizations encourage girls and women to choose tech. The Tech Networking for Women has reached thousands of women and girls, because of their message through digital communication, lectures, workshops, and events. The organization TENK is hosting Girl Tech Party, an annual event that invites 400 girls from primary school for a full day of coding and technology. Their goal is to encourage girls to take education and, so on jobs in technology.

Quotes from World leaders

The Women in Tech® is an international non-profit organization. Their mission is to close the gender gap and help women embrace technology. They have a mission to empower 5 million women and girls by 2030. Since 2018 they have directly impacted over 200.000 women across the world. They have four focus areas, advocacy, education, business, and social inclusion. Women in tech include world leaders in their work. This quote comes from Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic (former President of Croatia) “Thank you for organizing this summit Women in Tech. It’s an incredibly important topic. I hope that this will become an annual event that will evolve into a network of support, opportunities, and of promoting female leadership in the whole of South East Europe”

Quotes from Norwegian organizations

ODA is the leading meeting place for women in tech in the Nordics. Oda`s quote “We inspire and equip women in technology to empower themselves and others to lead the change.” ODA creates a shared meeting space for inspiration and motivation. By exchange of experiences, skills development, and personal development. They deliver tools for empowering their members. Together with their partners, they promote technology as a great workplace. ODA and Abelia rank Norway`s 50 leading women in tech.

The best Quotes for all women

In 2017 Tonia Pedersen, (Chief Information Officer in Draga) was one of the 50 leading women in tech. She has a degree in engineering and works in IT development. Because of her broad experience, she can solve the most difficult issues in IT and engineering. Tonia has a passion for girls daring to take a chance on a future in technology. She encourages them to let loose of gender rules. Her quote is:

“I can do anything!”