Data quality is defined as a measure of how well suited a data set is to serve its specific purpose. Measures of data quality are based on data quality characteristics such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, validity, uniqueness, and timeliness.

An Experian survey found 68 percent of businesses experience the impact of poor data quality on their data and transformation initiatives.

Draga was tasked with checking the data quality in eleven 3D models at an oil and gas major. These 3D models had been heavily modified by several different contractors over the years and there were a number of challenges with the data.

Our preliminary analysis of the 3D model data identified that 190000 pieces of equipment in the 3D models could be linked to the company’s asset register, however, the data was far from consistent.

Over 6 months’ time using automated data mining tools and the IT and engineering expertise at Draga we increased the quality of the model data so now 550,000 pieces of equipment in the 3D models can be linked to the asset register. An improvement of 360,000 links, or 290%.

The user experience in the digital twins for this customer has been transformed; this work is value for money, guaranteed!

But we will not stop here, next we will work to ensure every equipment from the asset register has a representation in the 3D model and is identified with a link back to the register.

To follow we will scrape equipment names found on engineering documents and drawings, making sure we can connect every dot.

A successful digital strategy begins with data quality first

When it’s time to expose the consolidated data to the end users remember you will only have one chance to make a first impression with new technology. Make sure the user experience exceeds expectations and your end user welcome the digital change and embrace the future!

If you suspect that you may have challenges with data quality in 3D models, engineering databases, technical drawings in any format, or are you considering using new digital solutions? Get in touch for an informal chat.